Height: 5'5" Weight: 110

Ana is a fiesty young new comer to the wrestling scene, joining the roster and already making a name for herself as ehe has alinged herself with Gabriella and forming what is now known as the Dream Team, along with McKenzie and Serra. She's had quite a few matches here in W.A.W. already, and you can be sure there are many more to come.

So far Ana has taken on the likes of Viper, McKenzie, Gabriella, Duncan, and soon she will be stepping on the Mats with 2 of WAW's newest wrestlers, Zamra and Violet Coxx.

Matches Featuring Ana

Gabriella vs Ana: Competitive Wrestling 1, Gabriella vs Ana: Competitive Wrestling 2

Feuding Roomates, Feuding Roomates 2

Tickle War Wrestling , Tickle War Wrestling 2

Play Time 2, Dream Team Double Team

Sexy Saturday, Ana's Return

Cheer Squad Rivals

Viper vs The Dream Team

You Stole My Tips

Student vs Teacher

Ana's Got Skills

The Stalker

The Stalker Strikes Back.