Liz Lightspeed


Height: 5'8" Weight: 125

Liz Lightspeed is a true athlete and lives to win. A gymnast, diver and track and field competitor growing up along with a background in martial arts, yoga, and boxing. She is exceptionally strong. She has appeared in Liz vs Tasha 1 & 2, along with two hard fought matches with pro wrestler Hurricane Havana back in 2005, in 2009 she resurfaced here in W.A.W. to take on Christine Dupree in All American Girl 2009. Liz remains on the roster, awaiting her next challenge.

Matches Featuring Liz Lightspeed

Tap Out Girls 2: Liz Lightspeed vs Nikki Fierce

Liz Lightspeed vs Gabriella

Liz vs Ali: Mixed Wrestling Challenge

Liz Lightspeed vs Amber O'Neal

All American Girl 2009