Height: 5'5" Weight: 115

McKenzie is a young playful beach bunny who makes the sunny Southern California beaches her home. She's only been here at W.A.W. for a couple years now, but has already shown she's got what it takes to wrestle with the best of them. She is spunky, and playful, and just loves a good wrestling match on the mats, weather it be against any girl on the roster that may come her way, or against her favorite male opponent Viper. Having recently joined the Dream Team lead by Gabriella, along with Ana, and Samantha Grace, it won't be long till she finds her way to the top of the mat wrestling scene here at W.A.W. She has also specified an interest in Jello, Sline, Oil, and Mud wrestling, as well, so it won't be long till we see her getting down and dirty with the likes of Goldie and some of the other W.A.W. greats.

Matches Featuring McKenzie

Ana Meets McKenzie.       McKenzie vs Viper.      Mat Room Rumble 2.      You Stole My Tips.

McKenzie Cheers.      Bad Tippers 3.      Game Time.      Wrestler's Rodeo.      Viper vs The Dream Team.

Wrestling Patriots.      Beach Bunny McKenzie.      Nurse McKenzie.      Showdown of the Sexes.

Mat Room Sluggers.      The Flirty Nurse.      Mat Room Deviants.      Dissension.

Game Of Leadership.      Game Time 2.      Cheer Squad Rivals.      Blonde Ambitions.

Sexy Saturday.      Play Time.      Dream Team Double Team.      Play Time 2.      Pre-Game Fun.

Game Time 3.      Serra vs McKenzie.      Couple's Halloween.      Disciplinary Actions.

Candy Cane Meltdown.      Let Them Wear Cake.      Workout Time.      Dominant Woman.

Play Time 3: Summer Slumber.