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Height: 5'3" Weight: 135

Mutiny comes to us from the great white north in Montreal Canada. She has come here to face off against the best that W.A.W. has to offer. Setting her sites on becoming the best wrestler in W.A.W. history Mutiny has aligned herself with Seamus O'Connell. Together they have been looking to build Clan O'Connell, a internationally themed stable with Seamus at the head of it, leading them into battle in a vicious attempt to take full reign over W.A.W's pro ranks. And like Kharma, Mutiny has set a goal for the most win losses as well as setting her sites on eventually taking the Queen of the Ring Championship home to Canada in the future, which Seamus believes will sky rocket W.A.W to new international heights

Matches Featuring Mutiny

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The Rise of Clan O'Connell

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Mutiny vs Cotton Candy

Mutiny vs Viper              

The Beatdown of Clan O'Connell

The Curse of Clan O'Connell