Ordering Customs


A Custom Match is where YOU become the booker!  You have the ability to book any of our talented Wrestlers in  your own custom scripted match.

Ordering customs with us is simple and easy. Simply send us an e-mail  to wawbookings@gmail.com and we will work to bring your custom matches to life. We here at W.A.W. believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We will make every effort to contact the ordering customer prior to filming in order to make appropriate arrangements. If payment has been made and a match participant is unable to make it on the day of filming.


Want to see one of your favorite jobbers get punished? You've come to the right place, if you can think it we can do it. Your fantasy / Dream match is up to you! 

Custom Match Price List

2 WRESTLERS Custom Match Rates

10 Minute $300

15 Minute $350  

20 Minute $450

30 Minute $500

3 WRESTLERS Custom Match Rates

10 Minute $400

15 Minute $450

20 Minute $550

30 Minute $750

4 Wrestlers Custom Match Rates

10 Minute $500

15 Minute $600

20 Minute $650

30 Minute $950

Custom Match Types Offered

Pro Wrestling (Fem vs Fem and Mixed)

Fem vs Fem or Mixed Tag Team Matches

Mixed Semi Comp and Comp Wrestling (in ring or on mats)

Mixed 2 on 1 matches (Semi Comp/Comp or pro style matches)

Boxing (Fem vs Fem or Mixed)

Bra and Panties match

Beatdowns (Fem vs Fem or Mixed)

Blood Matches (fake blood only: great around Halloween)

Zombie Matches (girl vs girl zombie or girl vs guy zombie fantasy)

Hose Match (catfight or mixed match, loser gets washed down with a hose)

Lift & Carry

Tar and Feather Match

In Your Face Match (loser gets a pie to the face)

Foot Lovers Delight(Foot Worship)

Oil, Jello, Mud, Pudding and Slime Wrestling (Topless and Non-T)

Scissor matches 

Catfights (outfits offered: Cheerleader, schoolgirl, hooters ect. Just Ask)

Bikini Wrestling

Superheroine matches

Topless Wrestling

Tickle Matches

Pillow Fights

Water Balloon Fights

Police and Military themed matches

Pile Driver Matches

Masked Wrestling

Pantyhose matches

Leotard Matches

Please note

All talent will have final approval and may not offer themselves for every match offered. If you do not see your fovorite type of match listed doesn't mean we won't do it, just send us an email by filling out the form below and ask!  


We also offer custom photo sets as well. Got an idea let us know.We love doing photo sets as much as we do filming, Want to see something like Cheerleaders, Fitness Girls, Ninjas, how about girls with weapons, yep we offer those types of photo sets too. Just let us know what you want to see and we'll work with you to get it done.

Drop us a line!

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Send us a message, we will get back to you within normal business hours, between 9am and 9pm pacific time, Saturdays and Sundays we are usually filming, so responding to messages may take a little longer