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Height: 5'5" Weight: 115

Shelly is a former WWE star and a professional fighter. She made her W.A.W. debut this year when she stepped into the ring to offer her services as a ref for the Internet Title qualifying match between Hellena Heavenly and Allie Parker, she has since then acted as the official ref for W.A.W. when she went on to officiate the match between Jennifer Thomas and Auntie Hydie and the Internet Title match between Desi Derata and Allie Parker. We are planning on having Shelly back again in 2020 as the ref for the up coming Queen of the Ring Battleground tournament next summer, along with a series of other matches through out 2020 

Matches Featuring Shelly Martinez

Hellena Heavenly vs Allie Parker

Jennifer Thomas vs Auntie Hydie

Desi Derata vs Allie Parker: Internet Championship

Custom Availability

Shelly Martinez is aailable for customs upn request